Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I will surge to fantasy basketball supremacy...

This post is for my good friend Brian, a.k.a. Byrdman JR (pictured). Now I know there are hundreds of thousands of you who have no idea who he is, so I'll give you a short bio. He plays fantasy everything and is only good in his own fantasy. That said, he did win a Yahoo! fantasy baseball league last season ... because I drafted his team. Other than that, the Byrdman is trophyless. Stay tuned for his response regarding my fantasy football shortcomings from the previous two seasons.

Anyways, I finished a close second in our fantasy hoops league last season, a spot I would love to be in this year. Unfortunately, I've had Lebron James on the bench at a few key points in time; particulary his 51-point performance last week. Good Lourdes! is as follows:

PG - Tony Parker
SG - Mike Miller
G - Mike Dunleavy
SF - Lebron James
PF - Antawn Jamison
F - Carmelo Anthony
C - Al Horford
C - Brendan Haywood
Util - Raja Bell
Util - Jameer Nelson
Bench: Jordan Farmar, Eduardo Najera, Randy Foye

That was good for a hot start. I began with Carlos Boozer on the squad, whom I deftly dealt for Dunleavy and Anthony. (Both teams in that deal have tanked since.) I'll save you the time of reading Stephen A. Byrd's roster, just know that he's got more foreingers on his team than the United Nations.

That said, he is currently in second, which surely won't last considering he is at least eight games over his projections for maximum games played at every position - a problem he assures me isn't one. As you may have guessed, I need to dump a few turnovers, but haven't had much luck doing so. Tony Parker has done little to replicate last season's performance, nor has Raja Bell. Anthony hasn't nearly as much fantasy value as I thought, thanks to his ridiculous turnover rate and lack of desire to play anything resembling defense.

I was high on Horford at the beginning of the year, but he doesn't score much, nor does he block any shots. Haywood, though, has been a pleasant surprise. More importantly, I have maintained a workable maximum's margin, which should put me in much better shape than Stephen A. come the stretch run. I'll keep you posted.

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