Thursday, January 31, 2008

This one is over...

Lawson just drew a foul from Blair, giving him four, and the Tar Heels are 24 points out in front. North Carolina's defense looks much, much better since Roy freaked on everybody and Boston College looks ripe to lose by 50.

Tyrelle Blair just picked up his third fould...

Man, there's a lot going on in this one. Blair just picked up his third foul with just under eight minutes to go. You have to think that he'll sit the rest of the half, so look for some points in the paint now that the Eagles' 6-foot-11-inch center is ridin' the pine.

Roy is pissed...

He was just screaming, loud enough for me to hear it on T.V., as five substitutes waited to check in.

Perimeter defense...

Or lack there of. I just watched Roy Williams drop his head toward the floor following a 3-pointer by Tyrese Rice. It looked like Marcus Ginyard got confused because Ty Lawson came up the court near Rice, then crossed to cover another man. Ginyard was late getting over and didn't really even get a hand in Rice's face. I'm pretty sure it was Boston College's fifth of the game, which would account for 15 of their 17 points.

Boston College at No. 3 North Carolina

The Tar Heels just won the opening tip and still have the ball with 10 seconds on the shot clock. Their first look was an uncharacteristic mid-range jumper from Tyler Hansbrough that drew back iron. But Wayne Ellington gathered the rebound and about a 14-footer to get what has become a 6-0 run started. That was followed by what looked like a terrible blocking call. Deon Thompson looked pretty planted in the lane, but Roy didn't flip out too much. This is exactly the kind of start that UNC has needed in an ACC game as they haven't looked this sharp since throttling N.C. State back on Jan. 12.

A lot of talk has been about their lack of defense, an area in which the Tar Heels deserve criticism. The more interesting point, I think, is that UNC hasn't shot more than 50 percent from the field in its last six games. That's a telling stat. It's now 14-4, though, so they're off to a much better start.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are you Kidd-ing?

If the Cleveland Cavaliers don't make a serious run at Jason Kidd, then they're running the risk of the unthinkable: losing Lebron. I don't mean today, tomorrow or even this season, but James has already muttered about the lack of a supporting cast - and deservedly so. General manager Danny Ferry needs to get moving as soon as possible on a deal to bring Kidd to Cleveland. Even though Kidd is a veteran superstar, conflict with Lebron, on or off the court, is hard to imagine. I'm guessing that a deal with New Jersey would have to include Daniel Gibson, some draft picks and maybe even a guy like Ilgauskas. Regardless, the Cavs should be willing to move anyone and everyone not named Lebron James to bring in Kidd, who is nearly averaging a triple-double this season.

Kidd's shooting woes would be a non-factor with Lebron to dish the ball to, and the Cavs would be significant challengers to the Celtics come playoff time. It's scary to think where this team could go, considering they rode the shoulders of James all the way to the NBA Finals last season. It simply isn't fair to ask Lebron to carry the load alone and thus far the Cavs have been virtually invisible in trying to bring in a noteworthy accomplice.

You have to think that as unselfish as Lebron seems to be, he will have to get tired of underacheiving after awhile. And as great as Lebron James is, he can't win alone every season. Kidd is getting old, but he would make the Cavaliers a contender right away and give them time to use the draft to their advantage, assuming they don't give it all away in acquiring him.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mets land Santana

I am currently on cloud nine, given the news that the Mets just hit the Johan Santana jackpot. It's going to cost them an arm and a leg, but they'll get a good arm in return, of course. They're parting with Chris Gomez, whom tons of people are high on, including me. Lately, though, more critics have surfaced when it comes to his maximum potential, but I'm certainly not one of them. You can't teach speed. I really don't know much about the three arms they're dealing, pitchers Phil Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra, but I seriously have to wonder if the Twins aren't getting robbed in the deal.

They passed up players like Ellisbury and Lester of the Red Sox and Hughes and Cabrerra of the Yankees. With Santana's departure, you would think that Minnesota would be interested in filling a void in their starting staff immediately, but they certainly didn't do so with the deal with the Mets. I don't know many front offices would have chosen the deal the Twins took, but I'll take it. Now the Mets are a legitimate World Series contender without a doubt. I'm not putting them up there with the ranks of the Tigers, whom in my opinion will be the front runners out of the gate, but I feel thoroughly safe about the Mets' playoff potential.

You have to figure that Santana is a lock for 15-17 wins this year considering what he did last season with terrible run support. The Mets on the other hand, have a much more potent offensive attack and will give at least a run better per game. A pitcher of his caliber has the potential to win 22 or 23 games in New York - maybe more. With Pedro Martinez, John Maine, Oliver Perez and Orlando Hernandez to round out the staff, New York figures to have one of the best rotations in baseball.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

Nineteen under par. I don't know which to find more unbelievable, his final score or his final round. Woods entered the final round at 18-under and the fact that he only shot 1-under on Sunday is almost as insurmisable as his margin of victory. The best part of Woods' fourth consecutive Buick Open title is the fact that the guy didn't even hit 50 percent of the fairways ... and still beat the field by eight. He led by as many as 11 strokes early on and I was fully expecting Tiger to be somwhere in the neighborhood of 23-, 24-under. He only finished 19-under. Regardless, I've got my seatbelt fastened. This guy is good. No, seriously, this guy is good. One of my closest friends and I were just talking about it en route to Chapel Hill from Wilmingon during the weekend. Russell, who is the assistant golf pro at the Governors Club in Chapel Hill says your best golf comes between the ages of 30 and 40. Woods just turned 30, if I'm not mistaken, and he's far and away the best golfer in the world.

Despite Woods' prowess on the course. I don't think many of us, myself included, realize what we really are watching. In the years to come, we are in for something that no one has ever seen. Just ask Fred Couples.

"He's just that much better," Couples was quoted as saying by "It's not surprising. As a player, it's fun to see. I've been out here 25 years, and I've never seen this."

I'm currently listening to the Dan Patrick Show on 99.9 and even Patrick concurs that Woods is getting better. Better? Seriously? You've already got some of the best golfers in the world admitting that they play for second place and this guy is getting better. During yesterday's coverage of the Open, Tiger's pal Stewart Cink was on camera recalling a tournament that he played when he was 17 and Woods was 14. To paraphrase Cink, he said something to the effect of getting his first glimpse of what the rest of his life was going to be like when Woods won that tournament.

Usually pretty humble, Tiger admitted at the beginning of the season that he felt confident that he could win the Grand Slam. With Torrey Pines hosting the 2008 U.S. Open, at least one major looks to be in the bag already. So, if you're ever wondering how good Tiger Woods really is at golf, please, play a round of golf and see if you can get anywhere within 30 strokes of his handicap without cheating. Hell, try it with cheating. And when you walk away, think of what 19 majors will really mean.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Apparently he didn't get my letter...

But Daniel Snyder, do all of us Redskins fans a favor and sell the team. I can think of no other $1.4 billion business on the face of the earth that is owned by someone that doesn't know jack shit about how to run it. Now, I'm not crazy. I understand that if you're going to hire a new head coach, that coach will want to bring in his own staff. And from the reports I've read, new offensive coordinator, Jim Zorn, and new defensive coordinator, Greg Blache, are thought highly of by the candidates interviewed. But of course, the real reason why you're head coach isn't already hired is because Gregg Williams knows more about football than you do and you don't like that. Well I've got news for you Danny, before Williams came along, our defense wasn't worth a used roll of toilet paper - largely because YOU brought in studs like Bruce Smith, Dieon Sanders and the rest of the class of 1963.

Just when the Redskins seemed to be getting it together you had to go and fix what was never broke in the first place. The players and fans loved Gregg Williams. Ironically, we all hate you. Maybe your firing of Williams was a blessing in disguise for the guy. Ok, Al Saunders didn't quite pan out the way we had all hoped. But that may have had something to do with a porous O-line and a plethora of beleaguered quarterbacks. We finally give Campbell a shot, and behold, we're in the playoffs. Portis is running the ball, our 5-foot-4-inch laiden receiving corps is catching the ball and finally we seem to be coming together nicely. ...

Enter Jim Fassel. Oh Jesus. This guy is almost as much of a loser as you are. HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED THE RAVENS PLAY OFFENSE? They're awful. Giants fans didn't even like Jim Fassel when he was their coach and he took them to the Super Bowl (fluke). The guy is a career .500 coach, so he better not come around here with any playoff guarantees. I mean, I know we're Redskins fans but we're not stupid. This ain't our first rodeo when it comes to high hopes.

I guess to make a long story short, you better have this one right.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Memphis leads at the half...

This one certainly took a swing for the 'Zags, who only trail by three at the break with the score 35-32. Early on this one looked over, but Gonzaga's zone defense has really slowed the Tigers down whenever they're not on the run. I hope the rest of the country is watching ...

Tigers in Transition

I'd have to say that my area of college basketball expertise, if I have one, would have to be North Carolina. I go here and I watch every game. This is my second time giving Memphis my undivided attention this season and from what I've seen, they are the best team in America on the break. Gonzaga is no rollover. Mark Few is a great coach and does a great job keeping the 'Zags competitive annually. But Memphis is running the break against them the way Carolina runs it against chumps like Iona. Of course, any good fast break offense starts at the point. UNC has Ty Lawson and Memphis has Rose. That's a win-win situation. The biggest difference I've seen between the two teams is that Memphis isn't afraid to D up. That and they seem to have a little more structure in their half court sets.

Now Gonzaga is showing why they're Gonzaga. They've settled down (or awakened perhaps) had have the lead down to one. Some of the wrecklessness shown by Memphis is starting to catch up. They have eight turnovers with more than five minutes to play in the half.

First break

Joey Dorsey just cherry picked the 'Zags and Derrick Rose found him on the break for a serious windmill. The Tigers like to run, which makes them fun to watch. They've got some serious finishers, too and are constantly attacking the hoop. They look somewhat sloppy at times, but that's due in large part to the fact that these guys are balls to the wall off the defensive glass. They get tons of high percentage shots, evidenced by their 7-0f-9 start from the floor.

Interestingly, Calapari has seven people on his roster from the neighboring state of North Carolina - Dorsey being one of them, and one of three from Laurinburg Prep.

Gonzaga at (1) Memphis

From my couch, I'm gonna call this game, which is already a blowout with 17:49 to go in the first half. Down 10-0, I feel pretty bad for the 'Zags. It's noon in Memphis and 9 a.m. in Spokane. That probably has something to do with them playing as if they were asleep so far.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Top 10 things to do with your $600

In my opinion, the best news in months, maybe all year, is President Bush's proposal to boost the enconomy by putting a $600 check in taxpayers' mailboxes. I'm 24-years old and already have paid for 108 senior citizens' social security checks. And even though $600 doesn't hold a candle to the amount of money I have given away, I, for one, will not be looking the proverbial gift horse in the grill, ya know what I mean?

Therefore, I've gone ahead and gotten my hopes up. So, when I get that check, I will be doing one of the following things:

10.) An ABC store shopping spree. What's the only thing better than free money? Free liquor. And lots of it.

9.) Buying a sweet-ass bike. Hey, I live in Carrboro. People here don't drive cars ... they drive you crazy. The most popular method of doing so is by vigorously pedalling a 10-speed in the middle of the freaking road. I figured I owe a couple of these tree huggers.

8.) Fill up my gas tank. In the event I don't go with the bike, might as well have enough gas to tailgate a triathlete. Of course, I'm figuring by the time I see this $600, that's about how much it will cost to fill up my tank.

7.) Move the Florida Marlins to Chapel Hill. I figure with $600, all I'll need to do is trade Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla and I'll be ready to go. Stadium? We could play in a parking lot and draw more fans than they do in South Florida.

6.) Buy every bag of Top Ramen in the world. Those things are what, eight cents each? Why would I buy 37 tons of the grossest food in America? Then, I could dump them all in the Atlantic Ocean and never have to smell the rancid odor of chicken Ramen when my roomate chefs up a bag at half-past 2 a.m.

5.) Buy a vial of HGH. I'm fairly certain that this is the only crime in America that the federal government refuses to get you in trouble for. As long as you ain't the guy selling it, then it pretty much looks like you gotta say is "Man, he told me that shot in my ass was vitamin B!"

4.) Get New York Knicks season tickets. For $600 I'm thinking I could get within a reasonable proximity to Isiah Thomas. From there, anything could happen, but most likely he'd do something that would give me at least a 60 percent chance at winning a lawsuit.

3.) Give it to Jon Scheyer. And as soon as he got his greasy palms on it, I'd call the NCAA. Nothing would make me happier than to not have to see that guy's whinning on TV anymore.

2.) Fly to Spokane, Washington. I don't know, every time I see Gonzaga on TV, everyone in the place looks incredibly stoked to be there. Why? I don't know. Guess I need to go and find out.

1.) Use it to pay the $600 that I have a sneaking suspicion I'm gonna owe the federal government next year ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 NFL Draft

My good friend Raleigh Watson, whose blog "Just Football" can be found in my BlogRoll to the right, objects the notion that LSU DT Glen Dorsey is the right man for the Miami Dolphins' No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Instead, Raleigh feels that "With Cleo Lemon as my starting QB, I think I would take Matt Ryan." While I have to agree to disagree, that did get me thinking. I don't think you could go wrong with adding a quarterback like Matt Ryan. That is, of course, is under the assumpution that they see him playing right away. But if I were the Dolphins, I'd do my best to fix a defense that is just plain awful.

And I wouldn't be so quick to hate on Lemon. Now, I know he's not the most trendy option at QB. But his rating nearly matched that of Super Bowl singal caller Eli Manning. Granted, Manning threw the ball 220 more times than did Lemon, but he got much better protection, had a running game and far more options to throw to. Lemon was sacked 25 times in 309 attempts. The guy can't do much when he spends the season running for his life. Therefore, with no offensive linemen in the draft that are worth the No. 1 selection, I see the Dolphins filling their other obvious void: run defense. Raleigh pointed out the Dolphins played a 3-4 defense and that Dorsey was best used as an interior lineman. True. But you have to think that the team would take a strong look at a new scheme after allowing 153 yards per game last year, one that would allow them to use Dorsey to help stop the run.

And Raleigh, you said Dorsey was risky because of his knee injury. Just remember that they said the same thing about Adrian Peterson. Honestly, I think there are very few picks that don't come with an exhorbitant amount of risk.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dear Daniel Snyder

You're an idiot. How in the world could it take you so long to find a head coach for a football team that's worth $1.4 billion? What's worse is the fact that you already have the best candidate right there on your sideline in Gregg Williams. What happened to him being Gibb's heir apparent? What on God's green earth could make you think that Jim Fassel is worth two interviews? Jim Fassel? Are you serious? This guy has been to the playoffs three times in seven years as a head coach. That's ok, I'll give that to you. But that doesn't override the fact that he's a career .522 coach. "But he went to the Super Bowl." Yeah, so did John Fox. Who cares? After he went 4-12 in 2003, he headed for greener pastures ... Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator. Yikes. While there, he oversaw the Raven's do-do excuse of an offense. The one good year they had was thanks to one of the best defenses in the history of football. The offesnse ranked 17th in 2006. And that looks fantastic compared to his other years at the same position.

Sources say that you've interviewed Williams FOUR TIMES! Dude has worked for you since 2004 and has had the defense in the top 10 three times. What is it about him that you don't know, other than the fact that he's the only coach you've been able to find that's worth a crap? (Excluding Joe Gibbs, of course, but you didn't exactly find him. I think, on the other hand, that he knew you were a moron and felt an obligation to save us all from your stupidity.)

Hiring Fassel would rank right up there with the greatest signings of your tenure. Guys like Deon Sanders and Jeff George. Dan, seriously, you've torn our hearts out and stomped on them long enough. Please ask Joe Gibbs what to do. Ask Madden, ask George W. ... hell, ask Miss Cleo for all I care. Just don't hire Jim Fassel. If you do, please sell our team to Sam Walton's kids. At least they know a real value when they see one.

Monday, January 21, 2008


The Offensive Board told its loyal readers yesterday that Good Lourdes! would soon be heading toward the top of the standings. Well, as of about five minutes ago, Good Lourdes! general manager Brandon Staton (that's me) executed a double dose of wizardry by dealing Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Jameer Nelson for Rasheed Wallace, Baron Davis and Mehmet Okur. I hated to deal Lebron, but Davis gives me more of what I need. All of you please just pray for his health. Thank you. The big news here is the fact that I let go of 348 turnovers and only brought in 210. That's a +138 margin in my favor, which should show sooner rather than later. And as much as I love Lebron, he didn't go to Carolina. I now have Jamison, 'Sheed and Haywood. Hopefully that'll have the Lourdes! ballin' like it's the mid-90's.

The Best Commercial in History

In general, commercials suck. But they shouldn't! The have to keep a viewer's attention for a minute at most and considering the cost of face time, you would hope that some of these companies would get a clue and find a new advertising firm. Ironically, the best commercial in history comes from a brand that needs no introduction - Jordan. The release of what is rumored to be the last pair of Air Jordan sneakers (Air Jordan XX3) kicks off with a limited edition release on Friday, Jan. 25 in 23 select cities. The shoes (pictured) will come with ahefty $230 price tag, but you have to think that those who can get their hands on a pair with poppin' some pretty stout reserves for them on eBay. Shortly thereafter, on Feb. 16, they're release another model, with the traditional red, white and black. You can find the picture on The basic pair, more or less all black, are the subject of the most hair-raising commercial in the history of commercials. Seriously, this stroke of brilliance will make you utilize the rewind button on your DVR remote. There ain't many commercials you can say that about, chief.

The spot features Jordan brand athletes (in order) Ray Allen, Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Terrell Owens, Richard Hamilton, Joe Johnson, Marvin Harrison and Carmelo Anthony and drops the hammer on the underacheiver in all of us with a clip of a young MJ as Jordan, who narrates the commercial, says "It's about being who you were born to be." It's genius. See for yourself.


Bass Ackwards

Man, I was so close to hitting the NFC right on the nose. Didn't happen, though, got it backwards. I found the Patriots iffy performance surprising considering their depleted opponent. Tom Brady was picked off three times, nearly half his total from the entire regular season, and Randy (again) was nowhere to be found. And though I'm developing a profound distaste for his counterpart, Philip Rivers, I thought he played pretty well considering the knee injury, but let's be honest, the Chargers had no chance with no L.T. and virtually no Antonio Gates.

Almost as impressive as the Patriots 18-0 season, though, is Tom Brady's 14-2 postseason record. That's just stupid. No idea how that compares to the greats, but surely it stands among the top.

Of course, the NFC was the game, like I figured. I hated to see Favre come up short, and thought I would hate seeing the Giants in the Super Bowl even more. Given the fact that I'm a life-long Redskins fan, I hate the Cowboys first and the Giants/Eagles second. But I have to admit that I'm happy for Eli (or Ellie as my Giants friend and I call him). The guy isn't a great quarterback, but he is above average, especially considering his youth. And unless you're Rex Grossman, you don't get to the Super Bowl if you're a slack QB. I just hate when kickers blow the game and later get a chance to atone themselves thanks to the work of their team. I think this subject is the only subject on earth that Skip Bayless and I agree on. Regardless of what I think, Lawrence Tynes' game winner (pictured) did come from 47 yards out. And when it's like 0 -5 degrees outside, that's big time. But for Christ's sake, don't call that guy a hero.

More importantly, I think that the Giants match up better with the Patriots. At this point I want to see 19-0, I'm not gonna lie, but I wouldn't mind a memorable game in the process. Stay tuned for the infamous projection.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I will surge to fantasy basketball supremacy...

This post is for my good friend Brian, a.k.a. Byrdman JR (pictured). Now I know there are hundreds of thousands of you who have no idea who he is, so I'll give you a short bio. He plays fantasy everything and is only good in his own fantasy. That said, he did win a Yahoo! fantasy baseball league last season ... because I drafted his team. Other than that, the Byrdman is trophyless. Stay tuned for his response regarding my fantasy football shortcomings from the previous two seasons.

Anyways, I finished a close second in our fantasy hoops league last season, a spot I would love to be in this year. Unfortunately, I've had Lebron James on the bench at a few key points in time; particulary his 51-point performance last week. Good Lourdes! is as follows:

PG - Tony Parker
SG - Mike Miller
G - Mike Dunleavy
SF - Lebron James
PF - Antawn Jamison
F - Carmelo Anthony
C - Al Horford
C - Brendan Haywood
Util - Raja Bell
Util - Jameer Nelson
Bench: Jordan Farmar, Eduardo Najera, Randy Foye

That was good for a hot start. I began with Carlos Boozer on the squad, whom I deftly dealt for Dunleavy and Anthony. (Both teams in that deal have tanked since.) I'll save you the time of reading Stephen A. Byrd's roster, just know that he's got more foreingers on his team than the United Nations.

That said, he is currently in second, which surely won't last considering he is at least eight games over his projections for maximum games played at every position - a problem he assures me isn't one. As you may have guessed, I need to dump a few turnovers, but haven't had much luck doing so. Tony Parker has done little to replicate last season's performance, nor has Raja Bell. Anthony hasn't nearly as much fantasy value as I thought, thanks to his ridiculous turnover rate and lack of desire to play anything resembling defense.

I was high on Horford at the beginning of the year, but he doesn't score much, nor does he block any shots. Haywood, though, has been a pleasant surprise. More importantly, I have maintained a workable maximum's margin, which should put me in much better shape than Stephen A. come the stretch run. I'll keep you posted.

Super Bowl Shuffle

Let's get right to the point. It feels like it's -34 degrees in Green Bay, WI right now. With kickoff set for 6:00 p.m. EST, things are supposed to warm up a bit ... to -6, with a wind chill of -12. If I were coming out of the tunnel and it was that cold, I would turn right back around and head for the jacuzzi. Well, perhaps a six-figure game check spiked with some conference championship incentives might make me reconsider.

Anyway, the Packers/Giants should provide for a great game, but things on the AFC aren't looking up, considering the Chargers have more injuries than the Chicago Cubs' pitching staff. That said, I don't see this being a blowout. It seems that the only thing in question about the Patriots is this whole Randy Moss gave some lady a controversial black eye thing. That means Moss will have seven catches for 119 and two touchdowns. But don't forget that LT is on a mission after the bitter loss last season. Still, I just don't see the beat-up Bolts with enough left in the tank in the end.

San Diego 17
New England 31 (-14)

Thankfully the NFC is in the primetime slot. Given the weather and the matchup, this could be one for the ages. It's hard to pick against the Giants with the way they're playing, but it's hard to pick against the Pack with the way they're playing. The Giants rush the pass as well as anyone, but Farve gets rid of the ball quickly. Advantage Farve. There are some questions about Eli in the cold ... well, there are always questions about Eli. I expect Farve to have an efficient day and the Giants to play from behind for most of the game. It should come down to the wire, but the Pack will thwart an attempt at a game-winning drive.

New York 20 (+8)
Green Bay 23

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The New No. 1

Well, North Carolina just dropped its first game of the season, 82-80 to Maryland. While an unbeaten season clearly is improbable, UNC losses are still tough to swallow. Of all the places where the blame could fall, in my eyes it was only a matter of time before the weakest part of the Tar Heels' game would come to haunt them - their stank inbounds play.

A friend and I have observed in every game this season that North Carolina has no structure whatsoever when it comes to inbounding the basketball from the baseline. The inbounder slaps the ball, people run around and the ball is inbounded to the furthest possible point from the basket, every time. Of course, with 1.7 seconds left and the ball being inbounded from the baseline, Roy Williams called timeout, presumably to come up with something, anything more respectable than that; ideally something that would put the ball in the hands of Wayne Ellington.

Thanks to DVR, I've already watched the reply about 10 times and my amateur analytical skills have provided me with what Gary Williams must have been thinking as the play transpired: "Ha! Idiots! That's precisely what I wanted to happen!"

Let me break down the play as best I can:

On the floor: Danny Green, Marcus Ginyard, Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough and Wayne Ellington

If I'm Roy Williams, who do I want to shoot the ball?: Plan A.) Wayne Ellington; Plan B.) Danny Green; Plan C.) Ty Lawson; Plan D.) Rashaad McCants (unavailable); Plan E.) Tyler Hansbrough

First, Danny Green inbounded the ball to Hansbrough and the ball should have come back to him immediately. Eighty-six "Plan B."

Second, Wayne Ellington begins the play in the crowded lane and breaks completely off (TV) screen. Scratch "Plan A."

Third, Ty Lawson, the smallest man on the floor, is used to clear space for good ol' "Plan E" by screening two people (Ditch "Plan C") ... TWO PEOPLE! It must've been at this very instant that Gary Williams knew he had the game in his hands. Vasquez and Osby set the bait by getting purposely caught in the screen and allowing Hansbrough the vitrually uncontested 3 which, of course, has a .000 percent chance of falling (Hansbrough is now 0-for-4 from 3-point range this year).

Am I pissed? Well, I wasn't. Then ESPN showed highlights of the fans at Cameron Indoor slappin' fives with the Clemson fans as results of the UNC loss were announced. Nothing can burn up a Tar Heel quite like that.

That said, ya can't win 'em all as they say. But the Tar Heels are three points from being 1-3 in conference play. So as much as the fan in me wants to argue NCAA supremacy, I'm better than that. I just hope UNC is too.