Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tigers in Transition

I'd have to say that my area of college basketball expertise, if I have one, would have to be North Carolina. I go here and I watch every game. This is my second time giving Memphis my undivided attention this season and from what I've seen, they are the best team in America on the break. Gonzaga is no rollover. Mark Few is a great coach and does a great job keeping the 'Zags competitive annually. But Memphis is running the break against them the way Carolina runs it against chumps like Iona. Of course, any good fast break offense starts at the point. UNC has Ty Lawson and Memphis has Rose. That's a win-win situation. The biggest difference I've seen between the two teams is that Memphis isn't afraid to D up. That and they seem to have a little more structure in their half court sets.

Now Gonzaga is showing why they're Gonzaga. They've settled down (or awakened perhaps) had have the lead down to one. Some of the wrecklessness shown by Memphis is starting to catch up. They have eight turnovers with more than five minutes to play in the half.

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