Monday, January 21, 2008

The Best Commercial in History

In general, commercials suck. But they shouldn't! The have to keep a viewer's attention for a minute at most and considering the cost of face time, you would hope that some of these companies would get a clue and find a new advertising firm. Ironically, the best commercial in history comes from a brand that needs no introduction - Jordan. The release of what is rumored to be the last pair of Air Jordan sneakers (Air Jordan XX3) kicks off with a limited edition release on Friday, Jan. 25 in 23 select cities. The shoes (pictured) will come with ahefty $230 price tag, but you have to think that those who can get their hands on a pair with poppin' some pretty stout reserves for them on eBay. Shortly thereafter, on Feb. 16, they're release another model, with the traditional red, white and black. You can find the picture on The basic pair, more or less all black, are the subject of the most hair-raising commercial in the history of commercials. Seriously, this stroke of brilliance will make you utilize the rewind button on your DVR remote. There ain't many commercials you can say that about, chief.

The spot features Jordan brand athletes (in order) Ray Allen, Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Terrell Owens, Richard Hamilton, Joe Johnson, Marvin Harrison and Carmelo Anthony and drops the hammer on the underacheiver in all of us with a clip of a young MJ as Jordan, who narrates the commercial, says "It's about being who you were born to be." It's genius. See for yourself.


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