Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are you Kidd-ing?

If the Cleveland Cavaliers don't make a serious run at Jason Kidd, then they're running the risk of the unthinkable: losing Lebron. I don't mean today, tomorrow or even this season, but James has already muttered about the lack of a supporting cast - and deservedly so. General manager Danny Ferry needs to get moving as soon as possible on a deal to bring Kidd to Cleveland. Even though Kidd is a veteran superstar, conflict with Lebron, on or off the court, is hard to imagine. I'm guessing that a deal with New Jersey would have to include Daniel Gibson, some draft picks and maybe even a guy like Ilgauskas. Regardless, the Cavs should be willing to move anyone and everyone not named Lebron James to bring in Kidd, who is nearly averaging a triple-double this season.

Kidd's shooting woes would be a non-factor with Lebron to dish the ball to, and the Cavs would be significant challengers to the Celtics come playoff time. It's scary to think where this team could go, considering they rode the shoulders of James all the way to the NBA Finals last season. It simply isn't fair to ask Lebron to carry the load alone and thus far the Cavs have been virtually invisible in trying to bring in a noteworthy accomplice.

You have to think that as unselfish as Lebron seems to be, he will have to get tired of underacheiving after awhile. And as great as Lebron James is, he can't win alone every season. Kidd is getting old, but he would make the Cavaliers a contender right away and give them time to use the draft to their advantage, assuming they don't give it all away in acquiring him.

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