Monday, January 21, 2008

Bass Ackwards

Man, I was so close to hitting the NFC right on the nose. Didn't happen, though, got it backwards. I found the Patriots iffy performance surprising considering their depleted opponent. Tom Brady was picked off three times, nearly half his total from the entire regular season, and Randy (again) was nowhere to be found. And though I'm developing a profound distaste for his counterpart, Philip Rivers, I thought he played pretty well considering the knee injury, but let's be honest, the Chargers had no chance with no L.T. and virtually no Antonio Gates.

Almost as impressive as the Patriots 18-0 season, though, is Tom Brady's 14-2 postseason record. That's just stupid. No idea how that compares to the greats, but surely it stands among the top.

Of course, the NFC was the game, like I figured. I hated to see Favre come up short, and thought I would hate seeing the Giants in the Super Bowl even more. Given the fact that I'm a life-long Redskins fan, I hate the Cowboys first and the Giants/Eagles second. But I have to admit that I'm happy for Eli (or Ellie as my Giants friend and I call him). The guy isn't a great quarterback, but he is above average, especially considering his youth. And unless you're Rex Grossman, you don't get to the Super Bowl if you're a slack QB. I just hate when kickers blow the game and later get a chance to atone themselves thanks to the work of their team. I think this subject is the only subject on earth that Skip Bayless and I agree on. Regardless of what I think, Lawrence Tynes' game winner (pictured) did come from 47 yards out. And when it's like 0 -5 degrees outside, that's big time. But for Christ's sake, don't call that guy a hero.

More importantly, I think that the Giants match up better with the Patriots. At this point I want to see 19-0, I'm not gonna lie, but I wouldn't mind a memorable game in the process. Stay tuned for the infamous projection.

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