Sunday, April 26, 2009

There's no base like home

To steal that is. So imagine my excitement when Boston Red Sox OF Jacoby Ellsbury (who is on my fantasy baseball team, by the way) dashed toward the plate with two out and the bases loaded in the bottom of the fifth. By the time Yankees' pitcher Andy Pettite let go of the ball, Ellsbury was three-quarters of the way there and, though he nearly fell flat on his face feet short of home, managed to slide in safely. His antics provided us with the most exciting play in baseball - if not in all of sports. I have conversations with friends on what feels like a daily basis about how boring they think baseball is. And I've come to understand that, though I adamently assure them that baseball is in fact awesome, it takes patience to appreciate it. Patience that 99 percent of people don't have.

We all drive 80 mph down I-40. We get pissed when the speed of our "high-speed internet" is not high enough. We can't stand waiting for that damn lady to stop talking so that we can check our voicemail. And heaven forbid if the fries that complete our No. 4 at whatever drive-thru are going to take a couple extra minutes. Yes, patience is a virtue. And if we all had a little more of it, I think people would be a little more fond of baseball. Because, as in life, if you would just chill out and slow down, you might just stumble across something that will make you glad you did.

Sorry, I'm a purist.

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