Saturday, April 25, 2009

T-minus four hours to disappointment

So I'm sitting here contemplating whether or not to start beating my head against a wall. This draft time of 4 p.m. EST is rough because it means ESPN has a few extra hours to regurgitate the same information that it has had since the BCS Championship. The only things I care about are what the Redskins do, first and foremost, and where North Carolina players like Hakeem Nicks, Richard Quinn and Brandon Tate land. The only thing more absurd than this extensive coverage is the fact that the Lions paid Matthew Stafford $41 million guaranteed. If I were one of the six Lions fans in America, I would be terrified. The last 10 quarterbacks to be selected No. 1 overall are as follows:

2007 - JaMarcus Russell
2005 - Alex Smith
2004 - Eli Manning
2003 - Carson Palmer
2002 - David Carr
2001 - Michael Vick
1999 - Tim Couch
1998 - Peyton Manning
1993 - Drew Bledsoe
1990 - Jeff George

Take the Mannings out of that list and you've got a grand total of nine Pro Bowls (Bledsoe, 4; Vick, 3; Palmer, 2) which amounts to a hill of beans, three busts, one incarceration and zero Super Bowls.

I'm pretty sure that only five quarterbacks that were drafted No. 1 overall have ever won the Super Bowl (Manning, Manning, Aikman, Elway and Bradshaw). As a Redskins fan, I think I have a pretty good understanding of why. It's looking like the Skins are pretty hot after Mark Sanchez (QB - USC). The have a perfectly compitent QB in Jason Campbell, a capable backup in Todd Collins and a 2008 pick invested in Colt Brennan. What they don't have is anyone to protect them, aside from Chris "If you can't block 'em, hold 'em" Samuels. It doesn't really matter who you are if you don't have any time to throw the football. Maybe they'll draft Sanchez and trade Campbell for some OL help. But they'll probably just keep all of them. Why? Because that would be the one thing that doesn't make any sense - and that's what the Redskins are famous for.

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