Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jose Canseco

The way I see it, Canseco is sorta like baseball's ex-wife. You figure that he's probably just bitching and moaning because he feels like he was done wrong and is owed something by the one he cheated on to begin with. But you also have to keep in mind that, even though his actions are perceived as wrong, perhaps there are two sides to the story. Any woman that is creeping around on her man with another guy will surely be frowned upon. But if the guy's at the strip joint four nights outta the week can you really blame her?

Yeah, so Canseco was squeezing more syringes than a RN during flu season throughout "The era". But why should he take the blame when he was just one of hundreds doing the same thing (according, more or less, to the Mitchell Report). At least, that's probably how he feels. So I don't find it surprising at all that he has villified some of the game's other big names on his way to rock bottom. I think it's easy for some to forget how big Caseco was during his time ... and I'm not just talking about his upper-half. The guy was the guy. In his eyes Clemens, A-Rod, McGwire ... these guys have been getting a pass, even vaulted upon a pedestal, despite committing the same crime. While it's hard to know for sure just how much of his allegations are true, Canseco passed the test, in my eyes, with the publication of Juiced, his first book. He said then, and appears to be standing by that now, that there were untold numbers of players involved. And, what has happened? A new, completely unexpected name drops. Slowly, but surely. Just like Canseco has said all along.

The federal government has known about the mafia all along. Still, they can't stop its shenanigans because of the intricate nature of the crime, rights to privacy and loopholes in the system. The same holds true with baseball and the steroids problem. No one knows how many, or how high into baseball's front office the siutation goes. There's no way to eliminate the problem overnight, or even in a reasonable amount of time. But like it or not, it's rats like Canseco that provide the only option of getting to the bottom of things. Better listen up, people.

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