Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fantasy Basketball Update

Back on Jan. 20 (Why I will surge to fantasy basketball supremacy...) I explained to everyone, specifically my good friend Byrd that I would be atop the standings before you know it. Well, it took a while, but I am just two points from the top of the league and just as I said, Brian is poised for a free fall. He's been in first the better part of the season because he just plugs in all of is his players and lets it ride. Well, he's all out of games now, save the PG position, and doesn't have a chance of winning the league. He told me the the day before yesterday that he was too far ahead to be caught in any category. Yesterday, he dropped a point...narrowing his lead on me to just two. I'm roughly 80 points behind him in scoring. Plus, he's just 10 3-pointers above the current No. 3 seed, eight assists from losing a point and 10 steals ahead in that category. Those are all very small margins when you're a lame duck and the teams chasing you have remaining games. Now, I realize that none of my readers really care, but I just feel obligated to spell this out for our poor buddy Brian "Stephen A." Byrd. What a fitting name, considering that guy also talks out of his ass...haha.

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